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i will give you my AI Powered MT4 Trading Robot with Zero Loss

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This Gig has 21 Days Warranty Protection. You payment stays with The Website Escrow and can only be released to seller after 21 days. If for any reason this service is not as described by seller, You can cancel it and have your full refund immediately. This Practice is to protect Both the buyer and seller. Our 24/7 Live Support is here to help you.

The key concept behind this service is a robot that can eliminate risk in forex trading, ensuring that all trades are profitable. This robot is highly intelligent and serves as a comprehensive dashboard that scans currency pairs and provides alerts for trading opportunities based on your chosen time frame. Signals appear on the chart with detailed information, allowing you to decide whether to execute the trade or disregard it.

The robot offers both a fully automatic mode and a semi-automatic mode, giving users the flexibility to choose between them. In the fully automatic mode, the robot scans, analyzes, and executes trades with predefined Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. On the other hand, the semi-automatic mode scans the market and presents potential opportunities for manual execution.

This Forex Robot employs a combination of automatic and manual lot sizing techniques, effectively mitigating risk and generating substantial profits. It operates on the principle that smaller lot sizes result in larger profits. Unlike other Forex Bots, this system focuses on maximizing profits by using smaller lot sizes.

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100% Trade Accuracy
Can go all week Without losing a single Trade
Every Open Trades closes in Profit
The smaller the lot size the bigger the profit, (erasing the risk)
Fully Auto and Semi Auto Mood
Available in MT4 Only
Can Work on any Legit Broker
None Martingale and news Filter
2% Drown Down
Suitable for Prop firm and Forex fund challenges
Trades GOLD, NASDAQ and Major Forex Pairs

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