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You Probably must have purchased a forex trading robot, it worked for one day or two days or three days. Makes perfect profit and you got all excited, next thing it blew your account? I believe you have had such experience?  If your answer is yes which i believe 90% of traders fall victim, then am about to blow your mind .

Banks and Government Trade forex. They don’t loose like forex traders, You know why? they code Their MT4 or MT5 to avoid being rigged or manipulated by Forex Brokers. If the banks and Government looses on forex as you loose always, they wont be doing this. But because they protect their trading tools, that’s the reason you loose your money and say forex is a scam and they don’t.

When you connect Forex robot in your Account Through the MT4, The Broker picks the robot up. sometimes they pick it same day, sometimes next day or three days. Once they pick your robot, they alter the strength of your EA. This means they corrupt or manipulate the robot or EA. When this happens, the robot looses its original programming. Hence the robot blows you account. Your Robot losing your money doesn’t mean your bot is bad, it means its been corrupted. To avoid this, your perform MT4 OR MT5 IMMUNE CODING.

MT4 OR MT5 IMMUNE CODING: This is a process that hides your trading robot or trading EA or indicator from the broker. This practice makes your trades appear like manual trades. it hides your bot and makes it immune to to Broker Manipulations and rigging. So 99% time is not your  robot fault, you are have been ripped off.

This practice is done by all Brokers so don’t say my broker is different because they are not. Trading Forex in 21st Century with Robot and not having IMMUNE Coding is like using a computer in the 80’s without antivirus.

90% of Forex Robot sellers do not know this practice, and some of them do but wont tell you because believe me so many of those selling robot are vendors not robot developers or creators. it only take a honest Robot developer to tell you about MT4 Immune coding.

Let me Summarize it this way: When you Open a forex account of $3000, and Purchase Trading robot of $1000, with Zero IMMUNE CODING, You will lose the whole account to forex brokers. But when you open account for $500, Purchase a robot of $1000 (or any amount) Then Do immune coding, Your robot will work as it was programmed and you will make money and grow your account.

So do the math and know the best.

This Gig is Protected by Geekerr 21 days money back guarantee so, i don’t need to pitch you or convince you .
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