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Having worked as an investment banker for 8 years, I have gained extensive knowledge of the risks and losses associated with financial investments. I would like to share with you a theory that many may not be aware of. Banks are interested in your money because they use it to trade in forex, stocks, and gold. When you make deposits, banks utilize the cash to engage in these trading activities.

Believe me when I say that your $1000 deposit in the bank has the potential to multiply by three in just 25 hours. However, the interest you receive on your deposit is only 6% monthly, which can be seen as unfair. This is why I made the decision to quit my job and start trading on my own seven years ago.

To assist you in your trading journey, I have compiled my strategies into a trading robot. This robot can be used on various types of accounts, including small accounts, big accounts, and commercial accounts. It is designed to help you maximise your trading potential and achieve better results.

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Forex Trader
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